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In 1811 sulfur springs were discovered near Bad Langensalza. The following year, the first sulfur bath opened in the bathing forest. Thus, the development of the town's spa system began in 1812, which is still based on the use of the local natural remedies of sulfur, brine and drinking water, and which made Bad Langensalza a state-recognized sulfur-brine spa in 2005.


Calcium sulphate hydrogen carbonate sulphurous water
The sulfur water has a disinfecting, wound-healing effect. In a mineral bath, sulfur penetrates the outer layer of the body, traces even reach the blood. The sulfur stimulates the skin to produce so-called endogenous opiates, which have an analgesic effect. In addition, certain proteins and thus their biochemical activity are changed in the skin.

20%ige iron and iodine-containing brine
Brine is water that has a salt content of 1.5 to 6%. Brine comes from the depths of the earth and is millions of years old. With its minerals and trace elements, it relieves the diseases of the respiratory system, the skin and the musculoskeletal system in the form of baths. The thermal brine also alleviates symptoms of rheumatism, nervous exhaustion, vegetative disorders and gastrointestinal disorders.

Sodium calcium chloride sulfate drinking water containing fluoride
The ancient doctors recognized the positive effects of drinking healing water for the body. Such drinking cures are often prescribed for gastrointestinal complaints, diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract, biliary tract diseases, cardiovascular disorders or joint and muscle diseases.


  • Disorders of the musculoskeletal system / arthrosis
  • Skin diseases
  • rheumatic and psychosomatic diseases
  • Metabolic diseases

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Kneipp basin and terraces

Kneipp basin in the botanical garden

Sebastian Anton Kneipp (1821-1897) was a Roman Catholic priest from Bavaria who also worked as a hydrotherapist and naturopath. He is the namesake of the still popular Kneipp medicine and the hydrotherapy. In many health resorts, Kneipp facilities can be found in the form of treading pools, since treading water is said to have many positive and health-promoting effects.

Treading water ...

... stimulates the circulation
… promotes blood circulation
... strengthens the veins
... helps against varicose veins
... works against hot legs
… Promotes sleep when used in the evening
... helps with migraines
... stimulates the metabolism
… strengthens the immune system
... has a vegetative stabilizing effect
... helps with sweaty feet

With warm feet and legs you walk through the pool with cold, slightly knee-deep water (8 max. 18 ° C). With each step, lift your leg out of the water, like a "stork walk". As soon as the cold stimulus becomes too strong, stop (approx. 0.5 to 1 minute). Then wipe off the water with your hand and immediately provide a feeling of warmth through gymnastics or walking.


In the bathing forest on the Jüdenhügel up to the forest on Gutbierstrasse, there are three terrain cures to choose from as circular routes of 2 to 5 km and a total height difference of 20 meters. The location is not only scenic and has a positive effect on the recreational effect, it also creates a connection to the long spa tradition of Bad Langensalza, since after the discovery of the sulfur springs in 1811, the first sulfur bath opened in the following year and so the story that continues to this day the city was founded as a health resort. All three routes have a tested physical activity profile and are marked with signs with therapeutic advice. 

  • TERRAIN COURSE 1 Length: 2 km Differences in altitude: 0 hm | Difficulty: easy
  • TERRAIN COURSE 2 Length: 4 km Differences in altitude: 20 m Difficulty: easy
  • TERRAIN COURSE 3 Length: 5 km Differences in altitude: 20 m Difficulty: medium

In addition to the natural conditions of the terrain, individual exercise stations support the training effect using your own body weight. At the same time, the terrain spa trails enable immediate nature experiences in the form of resting stations or different types of soil. The use of the three terrain spa routes complements the city's spa offerings and is a useful addition to the spa treatments of the three natural remedies to effectively promote health. In addition to spa and rehabilitation patients, the offer is also attractive for active residents and guests of the city as an active hiking trail or simply for a walk through nature.

Improvement of cardiovascular functions, improvement of endurance, increase in performance, mobilization of the musculoskeletal system, improvement of vegetative dysfunctions such as poor concentration, sleep disorders, depressed moods and symptoms of overload, increase in immune defense, metabolic disorders / eating disorders


The city of Bad Langensalza is a state-approved spa. So the city raises one City tax for the manufacture, purchase, expansion and maintenance of medical, spa or recreational facilities and facilities as well as for the events carried out for these purposes.

After paying the spa fee you will receive the Guest cardwith which you can enjoy numerous advantages. The advantages