Declaration by the city of Bad Langensalza

The city of Bad Langensalza offers the possibility of electronic communication. The legal basis for electronic communication is Section 2 of the Act on the Promotion of Electronic Management (E-Government Act -EGovG) of July 25, 2013 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 2749) i. V. m. § 3a Thuringian Administrative Procedure Act (ThürVwVfG) id F. d. Announcement dated 01.12.2014 (GVBl. P. 685). Thereafter, the transmission of electronic documents is permitted provided the recipient has opened access.

The city of Bad Langensalza has opened this access under the following technical framework for electronic communication.

1. De-Mail with sender confirmation (legally binding)

The transmission of electronic documents that require a personal signature is possible by means of De-Mail with confirmation of the sender within the meaning of Section 5 (5) of the De-Mail Act. The De-Mail addresses published on apply.

The central De-Mail address of the Bad Langensalza city administration can be found below: info (at)

2. Email (not legally binding)

Legally binding access is expressly not opened for all e-mail addresses of the Bad Langensalza city administration. Qualified electronically signed files are not permitted via email.

Hinweise zur elektronischen Kommunikation

Formal letters

Documents that are subject to the written form requirement, such as the lodging of legal remedies (including objections) and formal applications, can be legally sent to us by De-Mail, see 1. De-Mail.

Simple informal writing
If you want to send us simple, informal letters, such as information and notes, etc., you can send them directly to the responsible employees by email. The corresponding Email address can be found on the homepage or from the letterheads of the city of Bad Langensalza.

The following technical framework conditions must be observed for this.

Technical framework
Please note that due to the general uncertainty in the area of e-mail communication, transmission cannot be guaranteed. If you contact us electronically, we assume that we can also respond to you in this way, provided that regulations (e.g. formal delivery) do not conflict with this. The City of Bad Langensalza does not send any unencrypted personal data by email.

Supported file formats
The city of Bad Langensalza unfortunately cannot support all common file formats and applications on the market and therefore only accepts files in the following formats:

- Word for Windows (* .doc, * .docx)
- Excel for Windows (* .xls, * .xlsx)
- PowerPoint for Windows (* .ppt, * .pptx)
- Portable Document Format (* .pdf, * .pdf / a)
- OpenDocument text (* .odt)
- OpenDocument spreadsheet (* .ods)
- Text files in ANSI format (* .txt)
- Rich Text Format (* .rtf)
- Joint Photographic Expert Group (* .jpg)
- Graphics Interchange Format (* .gif)
- Tag Image File Format (* .tif, * .tiff)
- Portable Network Graphics (* .png)
- compressed files (* .zip)

Other formats are only permitted with the express approval of the city administration. No automated processes or programming (so-called macros) may be used in all permissible formats. Files in unreadable file formats are returned to the sender.

Virus protection and SPAM
When using the access opening, consent is required that the emails are checked for viruses and spam. Emails that contain viruses or are declared as spam are deleted unread and are not processed further. Since the sender addresses have usually been falsified in e-mails that contain computer viruses or have been sent as spam, there is no electronic return information.

Maximum amount of data
The total size of an email including attachments is limited to 20 megabytes (MB). If you want to send us larger files, please contact us in advance by phone at 03603 - 859109.

Data exchange service
Files in the permitted formats can be reduced (packed) by file compressors. The city of Bad Langensalza only accepts compressed files as non-self-extracting ZIP archives (* .zip). In emails sent with executable files (eg exe, bat), these attachments are deleted unread.