Tree plantings


“For me, nothing is more an image of the world and of life than the tree. I would face him daily

think in front of him and about him… ”                                                           Christian Morgenstern

As part of the Agenda 21 action program, the city council Bad Langensalza jointly called

with the Association for the Environment and Nature Conservation Bad Langensalza in 1999 for a tree planting campaign

on. Since then, many families, companies, clubs and others have participated in this campaign. It is

meanwhile in Bad Langensalza has become a beautiful tradition, a tree to remember

to plant a certain event. The donors make an active contribution to protection and

Preservation of our environment and contribute significantly to the beautification of our spa town.

Would you also like to belong to one of these tree donors?

You can reach your contact person at:

City administration of Bad Langensalza
Department IV, Horticulture
Ingo Günther
Illebener Weg 11c
Telephone: 03603 891368

or by Mail