Das vom Freistaat Thüringen geförderte Projekt wurde durch Mittel der Europäischen Union im Rahmen des Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (EFRE) kofinanziert.

The Hainich National Park with its center around the Thiemsburg, with tree top path and root cave, is a tourist magnet.

With the establishment of the “Adventure wilderness in the realm of Fagati” the attractiveness for tourism is to be further increased.

The story of little Fagati, a mythical creature that has already established itself as an integral part of the concept of national park culture, is to serve as the accompanying story and unique selling point for experiencing the planned adventure wilderness. The topic should be knitted in different facets with a high artistic and sustainable play value.

The visitor should not visit a playground in the conventional sense, but should be involved in the action. The things that await him should not be immediately apparent to him, but should gradually open up to him.

The design and intentional close interweaving of the built-in experience and play space with the landscape, the growing together into an experiencable adventure wilderness requires a high degree of complexity and creativity.

The main goal of the facility is to mystify our nature to children and adults in a playful and exciting way and thus arouse curiosity for them.

The facility should also offer people with disabilities many opportunities to participate in the game on an equal footing.

In order to be able to diversify the system with diverse offers for the different target groups, it is divided into different areas that merge seamlessly.
The landscaping and planting takes on a special meaning here to create a real “wilderness”.

The following areas with a corresponding character should arise:

1. Mine of the industrious elves
A mine is being built in this area. A varied cycle is created using play sand, which offers many children popular play opportunities. The height difference with terracing creates different play zones. This creates inconspicuous seating.

2. Fairy garden
Fairy-tale, fairy-tale-like “fairy dwellings”, which are depicted as sheets, are distributed here extensively in the landscape, which are to serve as role-playing systems.

3. World of delicate forest and tree elves
This area is the highest and most adventurous design of the area. Treehouses are created, which are furnished with small and delicate-looking interior details and equipped with a slide promise lots of fun.  

4. Goblin wilderness
In the most distant part of the site there is a climbing labyrinth that is inconspicuously inserted.
It is formed from robinia trunks left in their natural form. A wide variety of variants promote the sense of skill.

5. Mystical place of the dark Elbel
Tree roots scowl in a remote part of the site. Here electronic effects such as thunder and grumbling are provided, with which the dark Elbel should make itself felt.

6. Thingplatz as the highlight of the adventure world
The Thingplatz is built on a hill with a height of approx. 1.20 m and is enclosed with decorated wooden palisades. The Thinghügel is accessible from the playground. Seating on the palisades invite you to linger. A small fire pit in the middle can enhance the mystical experience on certain occasions.

The area is created with individual meadow areas and a compact mixed planting of trees and shrubs appropriate to the location. The main path is made of water-bound blanket and winds its way across the grounds.