Garden of the Trees

The tree park shows itself in constantly changing flower dresses that are worth a visit at any time. Depending on the weather, half a million early bloomers will stretch out towards the sun at the end of March. Then new flowering plants, such as fire bulbs, giant lilies and wild gladiolus, provide a colorful sea of flowers. In summer and late summer florals, dahlias, student and vanilla flowers, autumn asters and roses will be presented. With autumn crocuses that bloom from September to October, the arboretum will take its winter break on October 31.

219 different types of trees are currently growing in the arboretum, which are assigned to 23 plant families. In the arboretum, the change of the seasons, which all have their own special charm, can be seen most clearly from all the gardens in the city. The sculptures made of wood and shell limestone by nine artists from four countries exude a very special flair. In the arboretum, visitors can not only explore nature and art, but also walk the paths of the city's history. This is what the Hanoverian monument stands for Battle of Langensalza in 1866 recalls the Gottesackerkirche from 1734, which was renovated from 2008 to 2009 and now as Concert church "St. Trinitatis " is used as well as the peace stake erected in 2009.


Tuchmachergasse 5
99947 Bad Langensalza


Das Arboretum wird von Donnerstag, den 11.08.22, 16.00 Uhr bis Samstag, 13.08.2022, 10.00 Uhr geschlossen sein.

Ebenso werden die Tore auf dem Gottesacker von Freitag den 12.08.2022 09.00 Uhr bis Samstag den 13.08.2022 09.00 Uhr verschlossen sein.



March & October
daily 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

April to September
daily 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

November to February 

Dogs are not allowed! Service dogs are allowed!


free of charge


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