Dryburg Castle

Dryburg Castle is the oldest surviving, completely stone-built secular building in the city. The west wing of the medieval core castle is still preserved. Today it houses, among other things, the gallery of the Kunstwestthüringer eV.

Until 1345 Dryburg Castle was owned by the Lords of Salza. After its destruction in 1346, the sovereigns had the castle rebuilt as an administrative seat. The west wing visible today combines a late Romanesque residential tower (before 1346) and two castle houses (mid 14th century), which were connected around 1530 by the installation of a staircase. Between 1694 and 1720, the castle was converted into the widow's seat of the Duchy of Saxony-Weißenfels and the still preserved south wing was built in half-timbered style. Duchess Dowager Friederike von Sachsen-Weißenfels (1715-1775) had lived in the castle since 1746 and from 1749 had a summer residence built outside the city gates, today's Friederikenschlösschen. In 1899, Dryburg Castle burned down to a large extent and in 1927 the city of Langensalza bought the remaining buildings from the castle and furnished four urban apartments there, among other things. 


The Dryburg is an absolute must for art lovers. Here is the gallery of the Kunstwestthüringer eV. At home. From Thursday to Saturday 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., the exhibitions of nationally and internationally known artists attract numerous visitors. More here