City wall and towers

Bad Langensalza still has a well-preserved medieval city wall ring, of which 16 watchtowers and an entrance gate have been preserved.

With the development of the village of Salzaha into the city of Salza, the construction of a city wall with four gates began in the last third of the 13th century, which included the market, the market church and the castle of the Lords of Salza. The Erfurt Gate and the Inner Mühlhausen Gate remained the two main gates in the city for a long time. There are four watchtowers left from the walls of this oldest urban area. After the armed conflict between the Archbishop of Mainz and the Landgrave of Thuringia, the city with the Dryburg The city wall was expanded until 1406 when it was besieged and almost completely destroyed in 1346. An expanded city wall with seven entrance gates and more than 30 towers made of local travertine was built around the united legal city, Neustadt and Jacobistadt. Today, this area corresponds to the area monument historic old town.


The 35.40-meter Klagetorturm on the Kurpromenade is one of the few remaining gate towers in Thuringia. The walk-in castle tower with the adjacent one are also worth a visit Nature and educational garden of the BUND From this garden you can reach another round tower over a section of wall at its original height. A signposted circular route leads around the old town along the city wall.