ABGESAGT! 11. JULI 2020, 19:00 UHR

Japanese garden
99947 Bad Langensalza

At the Star Festival, visitors enjoy the atmospheric atmosphere of the garden at dusk and at night. Floating lights on the pond create romance. Heart's desires are noted on small pieces of paper and hung in the trees. A summer cinema invites you to dream.

About the story: The daughter of the god of heaven was a hardworking weaver. To give her a break from work, she was married to the shepherd by her father. They were so in love that the two of them forgot about their work. The cattle got sick and the god of heaven was given no new clothes. He was so angry that he banished the shepherd to the other side of the great river (the Milky Way). But because they still cannot work to this day before grief, they are only allowed to meet once a year - on Tanabata. In July, bamboo trees are placed on which notes with wishes are hung in the hope that they will be fulfilled.