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Bad Langensalza is now one more highlight - a themed vacation apartment in Japanese style. After the opening ceremony, guests can move into the newly designed apartment from June 20. In keeping with the Japanese garden in Bad Langensalza, the residents immerse themselves in the culture of the land of the rising sun.

With great attention to detail, Astrid Lehmann, head of the Bad Langensalza tourist information office, has redesigned and redesigned the "Am Waidweg" holiday apartment in recent months. As part of her bachelor's thesis, she developed the idea and concept for redesigning a holiday apartment on the theme of the gardens in Bad Langensalza. She has been implementing the developed concept of a Japanese holiday apartment since the end of 2016. Her tasks included the organization of painting and repair work, the selection, ordering and also partially the construction of the furniture, the decoration and the purchase of all important utensils. “I hope that an overnight stay in the new apartment makes the stay of the guests something very special. After an eventful day in Bad Langensalza and the surrounding area, you should feel comfortable and find relaxation in the apartment, ”says Astrid Lehmann. In addition to furniture made of bamboo, Japanese murals and a rice cooker, there are small information signs in the apartment that bring the Japanese culture closer to the guests.

Bad Langensalza is applying for the label “StadtGrün naturnah”! The label distinguishes municipalities for the fact that they maintain their green spaces - such as parks, city forests or cemeteries - in a way that is close to nature. This means, for example, that meadows are mowed less frequently and native plant species are used for greening. Many insects, birds and other animals that live in the settlement area benefit from it - and of course we humans too! That's why we decided to take action: For more nature in the city!

What is this competition?

In Germany, around 75 percent of citizens live in cities. For them, parks, forests, green areas and trees form a crucial part of their quality of life. Green and open spaces in the settlement area not only ensure clean air and cooler temperatures on hot summer days. They also play an important role for relaxation and experiencing nature in the immediate environment of people.

Due to the intensive use of land in the open field, near-natural, inner-city green spaces are important substitute habitats for many plants today. They are followed, for example, by butterfly and wild bee species, which they use as food sources. Even in densely populated areas and large cities, there are species-rich green spaces.

We humans need green in our immediate living environment. If we also design this green close to nature, numerous animal and plant species will benefit - a win-win situation for everyone involved.

You can find out more about this here: www.stadtgrü 

Nordthüringenbahn brings visitors to the spa and rose town in an environmentally friendly way
Rail travelers receive discounts

(Leipzig/Bad Langensalza, 14. März 2018) Heute unterzeichnen Yvonne Woelz, Leiterin Produktmanagement Thüringen bei DB Regio Südost, und Mandy Bergmann, Geschäftsführerin der KTL Kur und Tourismus Bad Langensalza GmbH, eine Kooperationsvereinbarung. Damit bekräftigen beide Partnerinnen die touristische Zusammenarbeit zum gegenseitigen Nutzen. So wird DB Regio seine vielfältigen Werbemöglichkeiten im Internet, in Broschüren, auf Plakaten und Handzetteln sowie auf Messen und bei sonstigen Veranstaltungen nutzen, um auf die zahlreichen Ausflugs- und Erholungsangebote in der Kur- und Rosenstadt aufmerksam zu machen. [Weiterlesen]

The opening of the arboretum announced for March 1 had to be postponed to March 5. The reason for this is the cold weather, which delays the repair of the paths. From March 5, the gates of the arboretum will be open daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. In the coming season, the tree park will show itself in constantly changing flower dresses that are worth a visit at any time. Depending on the weather, half a million early bloomers will stretch out towards the sun at the end of March. Then new flowering plants, such as fire bulbs, giant lilies and wild gladiolus, provide a colorful sea of flowers. In summer and late summer florals, dahlias, student and vanilla flowers, autumn asters and roses will be presented. With autumn crocuses that bloom from September to October, the arboretum will take its winter break on October 31.

The Japanese garden heralds this year's garden season in Bad Langensalza. It will open daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. from March 1st. The KOFUKU NO NIWA, the garden of bliss, is one of the most popular excursion destinations among the ten parks and theme gardens in the spa town. In spring it attracts with lush cherry blossoms, in summer with a colorful azalea landscape and in autumn with flaming red maple trees. In the bonsai exhibition, visitors can look forward to 1000 years of tree history and a mini forest made from redwoods. The Japanese Garden invites you to the HANAMI Cherry Blossom Festival on April 22nd, the KODOMO NO HI Children's Festival on May 6th and the TANABATA Star Festival on July 7th. It offers the right backdrop for courses in yoga, shiatsu, qi gong and singing bowl meditation.

In May the botanical garden and the rose garden open again for visitors. All other parks and theme gardens are open all year round. The diverse garden landscape with a total of ten parks and themed gardens is a hallmark of Bad Langensalza. In 2011 the spa town made a name for itself as the most flourishing city in Europe.

Top Kurort 2018 - Bad Langensalza

FOCUS HEALTH shows: According to research, Bad Langensalza is one of the top health resorts in Germany. In the largest German quality comparison for health resorts, Bad Langensalza presents not only its medical expertise and infrastructure, but also extensive guest management. A mature service infrastructure, numerous therapy offers and a varied range of leisure activities make the city one of the leading destinations nationwide.

"We are very happy about this award," said Mandy Bergmann, Managing Director of KTL Kur und Tourismus Bad Langensalza GmbH. "After receiving the title of sulfur-brine spa in 2005, the Focus title confirms the excellent quality of our offers and the competence of the medical facilities in Bad Langensalza."

In order to identify leading health resorts in Germany, FOCUS-GESUNDHEIT worked with the independent research institute MUNICH INQUIRE MEDIA (MINQ). 106 of a total of 352 state-approved health resorts and spas were examined. With regard to medical care, the health tourism infrastructure and leisure facilities of the individual spas and health resorts, it was important to fulfill as many features as possible in order to achieve a correspondingly high score. The results of these studies come from patient surveys and recommendations, an online survey and journalists' own research. The aim of this study is to provide valuable information about the individual locations, because whether for a health vacation or a spa stay - the core segment of a spa or health resort is its special health offerings. A total of 79 health resorts made it into the ranking due to their above-average performance. In addition to Bad Langensalza, three other spas were awarded the seal from 18 health resorts in Thuringia.

The spa history of Bad Langensalza began in 1811 with the discovery of the sulfur springs just outside the city. The following year, the first sulfur bath opened in the bathing forest. In 1928 the sulfur bath moved to today's Erfurter Strasse. The spa town has had the title "Bad" since 1958. In 1996, brine and mineral water gushed out. Three years later, the Friederiken Therme opened its doors here. In 1998 the Celenus Clinic at Salza started operating. Today, the two spa facilities together with the Hufeland Clinic are the most important points of contact for the health location Bad Langensalza.


They are still in hibernation, but with the first warm days half a million early bloomers in the Arboretum stretch their flower heads towards the sun. The arboretum opens its doors on March 1st and promises to be a colorful blossoming paradise for bees and Co. in the coming season.

For example, 150 varieties of tulips, 15 different types of hyacinth and an extensive range of narcissus bloom in the arboretum for spring awakening. Depending on the weather, this can be expected from the end of March. When the season of spring flowers is over, the blossoms continue. Visitors can expect flowering plants, such as the fire piston from Japan and China, giant lilies from the Himalayas with a height of up to 3.5 meters, wild gladiolus and orchid-like tiger lilies.

The tree park was closed last year due to building security measures. The city took advantage of the opportunity and expanded the planting of the park. The urban garden planners at Keukenhof in Holland got inspiration and ideas for spring planting. It is considered one of the most beautiful spring parks in the world. Dutch flower growers show the range of their offer there. The focus is on bulbs for early bloomers such as tulips and daffodils.

The diverse garden landscape with a total of ten parks and themed gardens is a hallmark of Bad Langensalza. In 2011 the spa town made a name for itself as the most flourishing city in Europe. With the new planting of the arboretum, it now offers another blooming eye-catcher for residents and tourists.

New vacation planner for the World Heritage region Wartburg Hainich attracts with many excursion and accommodation tips

Last Wednesday, Mandy Bergmann (Managing Director of KTL Kur und Tourismus Bad Langensalza GmbH), Astrid Lehmann (Head of Tourist Information Bad Langensalza), Nancy Krug (Head of Tourist Information Mühlhausen) and Theresa Menge (Branch Manager of the World Heritage Region Wartburg Hainich eV) presented the first freshly printed copies of the new vacation planner of the World Heritage region Wartburg Hainich in Weberstedt. For the fifth time in a row, all three partners worked together to create the travel catalog - for the first time with a uniform cover.

The entire holiday world of the Wartburg Hainich World Heritage region unfolds on all 94 pages. The practical guide in compact A4 format offers a lot of interesting information about the Wartburg Hainich World Heritage region as well as a helpful list of the various accommodations - from youth hostels to guest houses and hotels to campsites. This gives the guest an ideal overview to make their stay completely according to their individual wishes.

With numerous photos and detailed information, more than 90 accommodation establishments from the cities and the Wartburg Hainich World Heritage region are presented. Culinary hospitality is also a special focus in this edition of the catalog. "Thuringian table culture 2018" is the motto of the upcoming tourist theme year. Selected event tips provide additional suggestions for personal travel planning.

For those who prefer to use the World Wide Web, a digital version (flipbook) of the popular reference work is available on the partners' website ( and bereit.

With a circulation of 25,000 copies, the host directory is sold nationwide via mail, the mobile brochure service of the World Heritage region Wartburg Hainich as well as at national and international trade fairs and travel markets.

"The 25th should really crack". Since August 2017, the meeting makers have been doing almost everything to make the 25th edition of the world-class long jump meeting the highest-class since the meeting began in 1994. "The meeting record is supposed to be a new one," says meeting director Konstantin Krause, and "we'll get the very best for that." Since the last meeting, the managing director of the main and name sponsor TMP Windows and Doors Bernhard Helbing has known what the organizational team is up to and wants to do everything possible to support the project. "If we can win the three best in the world for the meeting, then we have to top up the budget financially," said press spokesman and president of the organizing LSV 90 Bad Langensalza eV Hardy Krause. "Therefore, the beginning of the pre-sale now".

In addition to very cheap standing room tickets, we have 259 tickets in the seating area at a price of EUR 15, and 280 VIP tickets with a guaranteed best place and catering for EUR 49. For the first time this year, tickets will be available through the Ticketshop Thuringia sold.

"The aim is that we have sold all 539 seat tickets by the end of May," added the founder of the meeting, Rolf Krause. "Another jump over 8.60 or maybe even close to the world record, that would be a dream we have been dreaming of for a long time", the organizers revel. For the first time in the almost 25-year history of the meeting, all athletics fans can put their loved ones under the Christmas tree and, by the way, also appreciate all those who have been organizing the meeting for many years on a voluntary basis.

More information is also available at