“Langensalza swallows”

Experience a completely different city tour: comfortable and airy in the panorama bus "Schwälbchen". Since May 2006, the Daimler-Benz (built in 1985) has been driving through the city and its surroundings during the summer months. 24 passengers can be comfortably seated, travel seating, audio and video system, microphone, external loudspeakers guarantee a special and striking driving experience.

Number of people:up to 24 people
60 Min.:225,00 €
90 Min.:275,00  €
90 Min. mit Thema:300,00 €


It is the nickname for the Langensalzaer, which they owe to a more or less proven legend. At some point there was said to be a skirmish between the Hessians and the mill houses, in which the Langensalza citizens asked for help. When the Hessian troops approached, the mill houses used a stratagem, namely to place pegs in front of their city walls and to put on these uniforms. (The farmer says scarecrow.) The Hessians, scared by the Thuringian superiority, withdrew, which in turn saw the leisurely approaching Langensalzaer. And since lust for fighting was not their adornment, and certainly not for the Mühlhäuser, they also turned around, which in Thuringian vernacular means “to make the swallow”. Since then the Hessians have been called the "blind", the Mühlhäuser the "pegs" and the Langensalzaer the "swallows".

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