Historical old town

The lovingly renovated historic old town with its historical building fabric is designated as an area monument and is now part of the German half-timbered street.

The historically grown old town of Bad Langensalza with large arable houses and their massive stone portals, with half-timbered houses, narrow and winding streets and alleys, with different squares, the churches and the well-preserved city fortifications tell of an eventful 800-year city history.

For centuries, the market street was one of the most important lifelines of handicraft production and trade in Langensalza. The replica of the full-mile column in the course of the course in Marktstrasse is reminiscent of national trade routes and postal routes through the city.

Today, Marktstrasse is an attractive pedestrian zone and invites you to stroll through the lovingly renovated old town. The artistically designed facades of the patrician houses, many architectural details and also in the commercial buildings, which were designed as open channels Watercourses and mill streams, various contemporary art objects, restaurants and cafés, galleries and exhibitions make the walk through the old town of Bad Langensalza an impressive experience.