On Augustinerplatz, directly in front of the city museum in the Augustinian monastery, the memorial to the fallen soldiers of the Thuringian Uhlan Regiment No. 6 has been standing since August 9, 1925.

The Thuringian Uhlan Regiment No. 6 was stationed in Langensalza from 1851 to 1894 with the 3rd and 4th Squadron. Heinrich Schwindsackl created the memorial, popularly known as the "naked rider", from local travertine. The three new tablets on the base were installed after the monument was cleaned and restored on October 3, 1994, as was the originally existing royal crown above the initials CR with the Roman numeral IX. These go to King Christian IX. back from Denmark, on August 25th. In 1888 the German Emperor and King of Prussia Wilhelm II made him regimental chief of the Thuringian Uhlan Regiment No. 6.