In front of the residential and commercial building at Marktstrasse 7, a memorial commemorates the famous Langensalza pharmacist and chemist Johann Christian Wiegleb (1732-1800).

This building was not only his home, but also his pharmacy and the first private institute he founded for the scientific training of pharmacists in the German countries. It existed until the 1790s and was known far beyond the country's borders. On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the death of Johann Christian Wiegleb, the memorial symbol created by the Bad Langensalza sculptor Harald Stieding was created on March 15th. Opened to the public in 2000. The plastic combines various pharmaceutical tools and shows the portrait of Johann Christian Wiegleb. Two inscription panels honor Wiegleb's special merits: “Wiegleb ran his pharmacy in the Marktstrasse 7 building and in 1759 founded the first private teaching laboratory for chemists and pharmacists in Germany. - Wiegleb was also one of the first chemical historians and an excellent experimenter, especially in the analytical field. His numerous publications tell of the results of his investigations and considerations ”.